Things Only Motorcycle Owners Will Understand

Research indicates that motorcycle owners and riders are actually the most hated species in a number of countries majorly because of the kind of things that they engage themselves in. Additionally, motorcycle riders are known to be occupying the pedestrian lade, split lanes, go against the flow of traffic, swerve without warning, hog the fast lane and speed on a clear road. As if not enough, motorcycle owners do not respect queueing on reaching toll plazas on expressways.


In the parking area, they normally monopolize a full a parking lot as if they are four-wheeled. In spite of the many negative things about motorcycle riders, they still thrive in numbers in almost every part of this world. Besides that, let’s look at some of the extraordinary things that only motorcycle owners understand.

a) They don’t clean their leather jackets


This is actually a fact especially when the jacket is original. Most of the motorcycle owners do not do this mainly because washing it would damage the leather material that’s very expensive. Jackets made from cow hides are literary very costly.

b) It’s easy to spot riders in a crowd

Bikers are can easily identify each other in a crowd based on the look of their neck, face, and arms. If the looks of three things differently then it means you are a motorcycle rider or owner who does not use a bandana to cover yourself against the scorching sunlight.

c) They have their own set of signal


Besides using the right and left hand to indicate the direction, motorcycle riders sometimes also use their legs and many other signals to communicate about various road obstacles ahead. When talking about potholes, bikers lift their legs from the peg and shake them off while pointing downwards depending on the direction of the potholes.

d) They know how bird poop and flying insects taste


It’s a fact that a number of people do not understand why open-face helmets are preferred by most of the riders. This mainly allows the flying insects and debris hit their faces while riding.

Other things include it’s usually a huge insult to the bike owner if you sit in his bike without his permission, bikers can never stay behind Lorries and cars when they are caught in traffic and finally, bikers accumulate numerous nasal mucus and even develop a bad odor more than any normal person. They also have all types of lower back pain.